Now every coach can create drills or plays.

DrillBuilder is an online drill drawing program that allows you to create fully animated drills that can be saved, shared and presented to your team. With the step-record function, you can record multi-player movement. You can create complex Plays to show your athletes how you want them to react to a set-up by the other team.

As they move into position, move your players to match up the way you want them to and with full animation, your players will instantly understand what they need to do. DrillBuilder is pre-loaded with generic player positions or you can add your own Team Roster for use in Drills or Plays.

DrillBuilder is truly platform independent and since it requires a secure login, you have access your Drills, Plays and Plans from any computer. Anywhere, anytime.

iOS Support.

Create or share drills or plays anywhere, anytime.

DrillBuilder for iPad means that you can create Drills anywhere, anytime that you are inspired. Use a Player from your own Team Roster and add them to the playing surface. Then record the animated drill with multi-player, multi-segment movement. What does that mean? Is means that using the step-record function, you can have your players react to what the opposing players do, there is no better way to learn.

DrillBuilder is now available on iPhone. You may not be able to create with the smaller iPhone screen but, presenting Drills, Plays and Plans has never been easier.


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