Frequently Asked Questions

Video How-tos?

We created DrillBuilder at TOTALCOACH to work as intuitively as possible. But, there are still some things that you might need to know to use the tools more effectively. Here are some great video How-tos to help you get started:


TotalCoachTM is a web-based platform for amateur sport coaches ( Most amateur coaches are way too busy with their day job to properly prepare for every game and practice. We know, we are parent-coaches too. So, we created TotalCoach, a cloud-based solution with a DrillBuilder and DrillStore so you can create and share drills & plays. As well as, manage team rosters and communications. The parent-coach is now more efficient and effective with their young athletes.


Coaches sign up for free and create and store unlimited Drills or Plays for Hockey, Soccer and Basketball. These Drills and Plays can then be shared with Assistant Coaches or Uploaded to the DrillStore to be shared with any Coach in the TotalCoach community. All Drills are fully animated featuring multi-player movement. These drills can be saved in the Coach's very own DrillBankTM or included in a Practice Plan to be presented to their athletes in the dressing room or on the sidelines using an iPad or iPhone. You can even use AirPlay to show it on a HD Television if you have Apple TV in your Team Room.

Is TOTALCOACH right for me?

The short answer is Yes! Whether you are a Coach, Assistant Coach or an involved parent. The Drills at TOTALCOACH are well worth your time to sign up. Drills are categorized by Type, Ability and Age Group so that you can organize Drills for your team practices.


We started the company with a goal of Free service for most of our members. We offer a Premium service for those members who need it. Premium services include Team and Club functionality. If you want to use players from your own roster, communicate with your Assistant Coaches or players and parents then the Premium service is right for you. If you just want to find or draw a few drills for Saturday afternoon then the Free service will work just fine.

Why should I pay for a Premium Account?

In a word, Team...for less than 100 bucks a year, you can keep your team organized for the whole season. Add and maintain a Team Roster. Use actual players from your roster in Drills and Plays. Keep all your Practice Plans share them with Assistants and Parents.

What Platforms are supported?

The web-based service supports all platforms and browsers. For iPad and iPhone we have specific Apps for Drill creation and playback as well as access to the DrillStore. We do not currently support Android or Windows Mobile. If you want to see them send us an email at

Why do I have to sign up?

TotalCoach is more than just a Whiteboard. TotalCoach is a cloud-based platform where you create, store and share Drills. In order to maintain the privacy of your data, you need to be able to sign into your own account. That's why.

How do I sign up?

Simply use our Sign Up form on the Main Page. Don't forget to Activate your account by replying to the email you receive from

Is my information private at TOTALCOACH?

Yes, we take your privacy very seriously. All of your data is 100% private and password-protected. Only you can invite Assistant Coaches or Parents to view the data and even then they must each sign in with a unique username and password. Check out our Privacy Policy. If you need any more help or have a specific question please contact our super support team at

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