Founded in 2011, TOTALCOACH launched services in January 2012. TOTALCOACH is committed to helping volunteer as well as professional coaches promote long-term athlete development (LTAD). TOTALCOACH was created to solve three problems: help the busy coach be more efficient with animated drill app; help the busy coach be more effective with drills from collective wisdom; help the club stay more organized.

TotalCoach is a cloud-based platform for coaches of sport teams. Most amateur coaches are way too busy with their day job to properly prepare for every game and practice. So, we created DrillBuilder a coaches whiteboard with full-animation and multi-player movement which is web-based as well as available as Apps for iPad and iPhone. DrillBuilder is more than a whiteboard since Coaches have access to their stored drills and practice plans as well as being able to share drills with other coaches and download free drills from the DrillStore. With TotalCoach, a coach manages their team roster and practice plans, which they can share with assistant coaches, players or parents anywhere, anytime. The amateur coach has never been more efficient or effective.

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